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Audience Reactions: London Preview

Audience Reactions: London Preview

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This brilliant little murder mystery musical is probably one of my top shows I've seen at the fringe. Both the acting and songs were brilliant and it was so, so funny. All four cast members played their roles perfectly and I left the show still laughing to myself.
Definitely go see it if you've got a chance!

Morven Cameron

I LOVED this show! It was such fun, well written, well directed and superbly performed! You have to see this show for a light-hearted and thoughtful performance that will leave you smiling! Highly recommend - and a great twist too.

Connie Peel

Loved this! Went with 2 friends we spent the whole time laughing! It's a fabulous mix of drama, musical & comedy! It's amazing how only 4 actors bring a whole village worth of characters to life! It's so well executed! Would highly recommend!

Katrina Hunter

Great performances and such a funny play! Don’t miss out on this amazing musical - I guarantee you will laugh with the brilliant performances and the plot of this story. I would regret missing out on watching this!

Daphne Kons

Saw this last night and LOVED it! Such a fun show with great songs and an incredible energetic cast. It's my favourite thing I've seen so far at the fringe, 100% would recommend!

Emily Herbert

What a wonderful night out! This show was just brilliant. The show is so well written, expertly acted and the songs are fantastic. I would highly recommend this show to everyone visiting the Edinburgh Fringe this year. We are tempted to buy tickets to see it again!

Renee Graham

Superbly executed comedic timing from the entire cast. Was laughing from start to finish. A truly fun night out.

Aoife Considine

This show is good fun! Well-written, brilliantly acted by four actors who play multiple roles, simple and polished production, this is new writing at the Fringe at its best. Totally worth an hour to sit back and laugh and try to solve the village's mysterious murders. I was absolutely charmed!

Kaytie Lee

If you haven't seen this already, why? I was in stitches from start to finish. So wonderfully written and the acting was top tier. A fun filled time for anyone and everyone. Will definitely be seeing it again.

Natalie Ramsey

This show was hands down the most well written and funniest show I had the pleasure of seeing this week. There was not one moment that wasn’t perfectly executed to make the audience laugh, the cast bounced off each other at all times and just when you thought it couldn’t get funnier - they added another layer of bits, characters or edible props. It was worth the trip to Edinburgh for this show alone. Get down and see it!

Sam M

Very funny, well written and well performed musical murder mystery. One of the highlights of our Fringe - not to be missed!

Joe M

A truly great show! It is captivating from the moment it starts. Brilliantly written with a range of characters that are quirky and intriguing. They are very well played by the 4 members of cast. The songs are catchy with one stuck in my head hours after. I’d say more but I don’t want to give the plot away. Definitely one to go and see.

Anna L

Decided to book this thanks to a chap handing us a leaflet and so pleased with our choice. Excellent show, great writing and superb cast. Oh and beware, the songs are so catchy we now have an ear-worm!

Karen Brown

I went to this show with good friends, a bit out of a sense of duty as our friends’ daughter is one of the 4 person cast. So glad I did though as it’s the best show I’ve been to in years. Funny but endearing characters, great wee songs and a light murder mystery plot. They’re a v small company but trained and experienced actors and there’s no cringe factor at all! It’s their first visit to the Fringe but I’m amazed at what a professional job they’ve done and I think their smallest audience has been 20 folk (when I gather the average for their type of show is 5!) and they’ve had a few sell-outs. You’ll see it has some great reviews which will give you a better idea than I can but it blew all my expectations. I’m busy trying to persuade a few others to go with me as I’d love to see it again before it finishes on Saturday 27th!

Mike Ellis

This was such a funny, well acted show - there was never any doubt which character you were seeing on stage as the cast seamlessly performed several characters each throughout the show. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! Even met one of the cast handing out flyers on our way down to the show on Sun 7th - had a great chat with him before the show, thanks for taking the time to speak to us & you were right, it was a fantastic show!! Well worth going to see.

Alexa Davie

Easily the best fringe show I've seen - Loved it that much I had to come back a second time


Latest fringe rec: @northerncrnr's There's No Mystery in Murder! Hilarious, catchy songs, and underneath a quartet of fabulous performances, an enormous heart. A total delight.


@northencrnr bravo the cast of TNMiM! Nobbut grand entertainment! Nowt more comical, musical or dastardly has come out of Gods Own Country!


Such a good show! saw it on wednesday and had to go back today to see it again before i leave Edinburgh, great acting, very funny and really catchy songs

Eden A

Loved the show, the cast were professional, funny and it was all very slick. Would definitely see it again. Best show I've seen so far since we've been here.

Philippa Ives

Really great show, great characters, loads of fun. Highly recommended!

Chris Scott

This comes at you fast, funny and holds you there for the whole show. Great. show this one. Go go go see it or go see it again its that good.

Alan B

Saw "There's No Mystery in Murder" by @northerncrnr. Such a good show, very fun with some brilliant multi-rolling. Also, you can't go wrong with some good Northern humour!


@northerncrnr superb show.. Comedy theatre at its best... #EdFringe2022 #mustsee #thespaceuk

Hart Players

@northerncrnr the show came out of the blocks like a Michael Bay movie. Talented cast. Chuffing funny and clever using simplicity to hold the audience.


@northerncrnr's THERE'S NO MYSTERY IN MURDER! is a quirky bit of fun. Particularly enjoyed the really strong character acting from the company. 

Locked In at Edinburgh Fringe

I have never seen a man eat a cucumber so aggressively before. It was glorious #EdFringe2022


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